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August 29, 2010 Seabird Cruise Trip Report


Sunday August 29, 2010

Tufted Puffin, photo by Martijn Verdoes   Fin Whale, photo by Martijn Verdoes
Mixed flock of Red and Red-necked Phalaropes, photo by Jeff Poklen

Below are summaries of the August 29, 2010 Monterey Seabirds trip. The original reports were generated automatically by eBird v2( from information submitted by Roger Wolfe.

Location: Monterey Bay pelagic (MTY Co.)
Observation date: 8/29/10
Notes: Monterey Seabirds pelagic w/ Todd Easterla, Matthew Dodder, Martijn Verdoes, Richard Ternullo et al. We took a SW route from Pt. Pinos toward Sur Ridge, 15 nm SW of Cypress Pt.. Also saw 2 Blue, 5 Fin and 30 Humpback Whales, Pacific White-sided and Northern Right Whale Dolphins, 1 Northern Fur Seal and 1 Steller Sea Lion.
Number of species:


  Black-footed Albatross   160    
  Northern Fulmar   15    
  Pink-footed Shearwater   100    
  Buller's Shearwater   225    
  Sooty Shearwater   1200    
  Red-necked Phalarope   1000   We saw a huge flock of what we assume were RNPH of 500 birds that behaved like an aerial bait ball as two jaegers picked at them. Never seen that out over the ocean. They flew up about 200 feet in the sky as they tried to evade and confuse the jaegers.
  Red Phalarope   200    
  Sabine's Gull   1    
  Heermann's Gull   200    
  Western Gull   350    
  California Gull   260    
  Common Tern   4    
  Arctic Tern   4    
  Common/Arctic Tern   2    
  Elegant Tern   28    
  South Polar Skua   1    
  Pomarine Jaeger   6    
  Parasitic Jaeger   2    
  Long-tailed Jaeger   15    
  jaeger sp.   2    
  Common Murre   75    
  Pigeon Guillemot   3   3 alternate plumage adults in flight 1 nm west of Pt. Pinos.
  Cassin's Auklet   75    
  Rhinoceros Auklet   50    
  Tufted Puffin   4    
Location: Monterey Bay pelagic --inshore Mty Harbor to Pt. Pinos (MTY Co.)
Observation date: 8/29/10
Notes: Tattler and Turnstones on Coast Guard Jetty
Number of species:


  Brown Pelican   7    
  Brandt's Cormorant   150    
  Pelagic Cormorant   5    
  Wandering Tattler   1    
  Black Turnstone   2    
  Heermann's Gull   35    
  Western Gull   150    
  California Gull   70    
  Elegant Tern   15    
  Common Murre   2    

Roger Wolfe for Monterey Seabirds


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