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Streaked Shearwater, photo by Todd EasterlaMonterey Seabirds features year-round pelagic trips enabling you to experience the seabirds of the Monterey Bay in their respective seasons.

Just offshore of Monterey, California lies a 6000-foot deep submarine canyon running right down the middle of the Monterey Bay. Similar in size to the Grand Canyon of the American Southwest, this geologic feature creates cold-water upwellings, rich in nutrients that foster a remarkable diversity of seabirds and cetaceans. The combination of these elements within a semi-protected bay makes Monterey a worldwide destination for pelagic birding. Just a few miles from shore one can observe pelagic seabirds that travel across both the hemisphere and the ocean to feed in the bountiful waters of Monterey Bay.

In the interest of having a reasonably sized group conducive to pelagic birding and photography, we do not fill the boat to maximum capacity for these trips.

Great-winged Petrel, photo by Martijn VerdoesThe About Monterey Seabirds page details the advantages of Monterey Seabirds trips. See our Species List and Trip Reports to get an idea of the seabirds and marine mammals encountered on these trips. Our Seabird Links will help with your trip preparation, study and other interesting information on seabirds.

Monterey Seabirds spotted:
Short-tailed Albatross
on February 23, 2020

Short-tailed Albatross
Short-tailed Albatross Feb. 23, 2020
Photo by Scottie Schmidt


We sometimes see Laysan Albatross and we regularly see Black-footed Albatross
on our whale watch trips. Join us on one of our whale watch trips
where we regularly have seabird sightings.

Laysan Albatross photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Black-footed Albatross March 10, 2020
photo by Daniel Bianchetta

  Laysan Albatross photo by Daniel Bianchetta
Laysan Albatross March 1, 2020
photo by Daniel Bianchetta


Now accepting reservations for Group charters in 2024. Bring your Audubon chapter, bird club, group of friends or ecotour group. We will provide marine and seabirding naturalists and the crew.

In years past we have run charters for Sacramento and Tucson Audubon Chapters, Colorado Field Ornithologists and Iowa Ornithologist Union and the Santa Cruz Bird Club. For details, please contact us at

Wedge-tailed Shearwater, photo by Todd Easterla


Note: A 6% Booking Processing fee will be added to each purchase.

8-hour trips - $160, starting at 7:30 a.m.
12-hour trips - $199, starting at 7:30 a.m.
Sunday August 18 (8 hr)
Sunday August 25 (8 hr)
Monday August 26 (8 hr)
Sunday September 15 (8 hr)
Sunday September 22 (8 hr)
Sunday September 29 (12 hr)
Sunday October 6 (8 hr)
Sunday October 13 (12 hr)
Sunday October 20 (8 hr)
Sunday October 27 (8 hr)

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Murphy's Petrel photo by Jeff Poklen

Reservations are required. Reservations can be made by clicking on a date above, or by using our online reservation form or by calling (831) 375-4658 with a credit card number to hold your spot. Go to Whale Watch Trip Information Page for further details (trip preparation, directions, etc.). For the Seabird trips we have a 2-week cancellation policy.

Note that regular Whale Watch trips are also scheduled on the same dates as the Seabird trips.

I just wanted to thank you all for one of the most enjoyable and exciting pelagic trips I have ever been on. I have done a number of pelagic trips on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and by far - yours was the best. The small number of attendees, the ratio of guides to attendees as well as the abilities and collective knowledge of the guides made the trip! Of the 6 of us, 3 were attending their first ever pelagic trip and were very impressed with your company, the experience, and the sightings. Glenn had 12 life birds and we all had the experience of a lifetime watching the killer whales.

On behalf of all 6 of us - please thank your staff for everything they did to make our trip such a wonderful experience. Thank you.
Mary Alice K. (Centreville, Virginia)
(See the trip report for this trip, including a video of the killer whales near the boat.)

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